Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jeff Beck Insures Fingers For £7 Million After Slicing Off Fingertip In Kitchen Mishap

Jeff Beck is said to have insured his fingers and thumbs for £7 million after slicing off one of his digits chopping carrots.

The guitar legend, 65, was thought to be making a stew at his Wadhurst home when the accident happened.

Surgeons managed to sew the tip of his left index finger back on but the mishap meant he struggled to finish new album Emotion and Commotion – which is released on Monday (April 12th).

Since the accident the legendary guitarist has insured each of his digits for £700,000.

A source close to the former Yardbirds star said: “Jeff was making a stew when he cut his finger clean off.

“Thankfully surgeons were able to patch it up. But now he's taking no chances and has upped his insurance to $1million per finger.”

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Anonymous said...

No more carrots for the Guv'nor.

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