Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paul Rodgers Turned Down Aerosmith Gig

Classic Rock Magazine has revealed that Joe Perry of Aerosmith asked Paul Rodgers to replace Steven Tyler – but Rodgers refused.

The conversation took place at November's Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, at which Perry and Rodgers were both guests. Editor-in-chief Scott Rowley introduced the stars to each other and a colleague was nearby while they chatted.

Rowley's colleague explains: "Perry said he'd long admired Rodgers as a vocalist, and mentioned Aerosmith were having trouble with Steven's erratic behavior.

"Perry got straight to the point and asked Rodgers whether he'd be interested in singing for Aerosmith.

"I think he was quote surprised by Perry's invitation, which came right out of the blue. He regained his composure and thanked Perry, but said he was committed to the reunion of Bad Company, so singing in Aerosmith wouldn't be possible."

Perry recently confirmed the band were actively looking to replace Tyler, although it's not clear whether it would be permanent. The band have been near collapse since communications broke down between the singer and bandmates after his stage fall in August.

Tyler has returned to rehab and has made two unusual public appearances in the past week - one at a Palm Desert karaoke bar and one in a Home Depot store.

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Les Paul 1960 Reissue said...

Home Depot? Really? I wonder if Tyler is "building a band" the old fashion way, with plywood and nails, lol.

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