Sunday, December 6, 2009

Legendary Southern Rockers The Outlaws Announce Plans To Release 'Once An Outlaw'

The Outlaws, the storied Southern Rock band whose career has spanned four decades, completed their latest recording in the summer of 2007. On the verge of its release, band founder and legendary guitarist Hughie Thomasson passed away unexpectedly. The studio album 'Once an Outlaw', a true project of passion for Thomasson, was never released. The family of Thomasson is pleased to announce it plans to release 'Once an Outlaw', a poignant and almost mystical piece of work produced and recorded by Hughie Thomasson in Tampa, Florida, in 2010.

'Hughie was special to everyone he met and his death in 2007 was tough on a lot of people-family, friends and the fans,' states Constance Cowez, daughter of Hughie Thomasson.
'He was very proud of this record and the time is right to share it with longtime fans of The Outlaws and fans of great music everywhere. We are excited about the future of The Outlaws and the opportunity to continue my father's legacy for many years to come.'

The group plans to release 'Once an Outlaw' along with the launch of a new band, website, merchandise and supporting tour in 2010. Additional music and product releases are also in the works.

Chris Hicks, who played with The Outlaws from 1990-1996 before embarking on a successful solo career and stints with Marshall Tucker Band, will lead the new band line-up that is in development today.

Hughie Thomasson described 'Once and Outlaw' in an interview just prior to his passing in 2007: 'It's a great guitar record and will fit right in with our older stuff. We have songs that range from good 'ol southern rock to country and back to rock again - we cover it all. That's what we've always been about anyway. That's what the new record is all about-bringing the band back to the fans and giving them the best of what we do.'

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Anonymous said...

Early 2010 is here, when is all of this going to happen and more importantly, how? Especially when the band everyone recognizes as The Outlaws, who have carried on the band's legacy for the past 2 years, with two of the 3 surviving original members playing in it, has had it's momentum halted by HT's family! Where's the album and how can a new band be in developement if Chris Hicks is on tour with his own band?
Maybe Yoko Ono will issue a press release stating that she is reforming The Beatles with Sean Lennon as the leader and no McCartney and Starr next!

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