Saturday, December 5, 2009

Glenn Hughes Releases 'Live In Wolverhampton' DVD

Planet Rock is reporting that "The Voice Of Rock", former Trapeze/Deep Purple/Black Sabbath vocalist Glenn Hughes has released a brand new DVD entitled Live In Wolverhampton.

The DVD was recorded at Hughes'� two night stand on 6-7 June at the Robin 2 Club in Bilston. It features performances from both nights, which were split between a back catalog night and a night dedicated to tracks that Hughes performed with Trapeze.

The first night, billed as 'Glenn Hughes with his Full Band' saw him performing music from his glory days with Deep Purple in 1973 on to 2009. Songs including 'Muscle & Blood' (from the album Hughes/Thrall), 'You Got Soul' (from Music for the Divine), 'Don't Let Me Bleed' (from Soul Mover) and 'Crave' (from First Underground Nuclear Kitchen) Hughes has rarely performed in the UK before.

The second night, billed as 'You Are the Music': An Evening of Trapeze' saw Hughes performing a full Trapeze set for the first time as a solo performer. Dedicated to the memory of his friend and former Trapeze guitarist Mel Galley, who passed away in July 2008, Hughes delivered emotionally charged versions of songs taken from the albums Medusa ('Touch My Life', 'Black Cloud', 'Medusa') and You Are the Music... We're Just the Band ('Way Back to the Bone', 'Coast to Coast', 'You Are the Music').

You can get your hands on the DVD right now from Hughes�' official site right now ahead of a general release in January. Click here for more info.

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