Thursday, December 10, 2009

UPDATED :Axl Rose Gets Into Scuffle At LAX Heading For Asia, Tour Goes On

Live Daily is reporting : Talk about an appetite for self-destruction. Axl Rose waited until the last minute to board a flight to Taipei to start a Guns N' Roses tour that will take them through Asia this month with Canada and South America to follow next year.

His timing could not have been worse.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Rose got into a scuffle with a paparazzo that ended up with a few bloodied participants. Even with Rose flying to Taiwan there is still concern about whether he will be in the mood to perform, a question that had been raised earlier in the week when the rest of the band flew to the gig without the singer.

Tommy Stinson, Dizzy Reed, Bumblefoot, Chris Pittman, Frank Ferrer, Richard Fortus and new member DJ Ashba traveled to Taipei earlier in the week and has already done a soundcheck without Rose. As late as Tuesday, with the band in Taiwan, Rose had considered canceling the dates but eventually chose to go forward with the shows.

After Taipei, Guns N' Roses is scheduled to play Seoul, Korea on Dec. 13 then Osaka, Japan (Dec. 16) and Tokyo (Dec. 19). The 16-date Canadian tour starts in Winnipeg on Jan. 13. The band recently released its third single in Canada, "Street Of Dreams," from their "Chinese Democracy" album.


Here's the video of the entire incident :

Before the brawl, Axl warns the paparazzi about a photog who was allegedly getting close to a woman in his entourage saying, "touch her again, I'll break his f**king neck."

Seconds later, the woman can be seen scuffling with a photog -- and that's when Axl charges in and swings for the photog's head ... knocking the guy right on his ass.

As members of his entourage tried to rip the Guns N' Roses singer away, the rocker continued to stomp and kick the man while he was on the ground.

Members of Rose's crew eventually tore him away and walked to their gate. In the footage, it's clear two TSA agents observed the fight, but we've learned they never notified airport police.

Axl has since posted an article on his MySpace page, in which the paparazzi are described as "belligerent" -- it also states Rose was uninjured in the "unprovoked attack."

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