Saturday, December 26, 2009

AC/DC Austrian Concert In Doubt Over Rare Bird Risk

The Daily Telegraph is reporting Aussie rockers AC/DC could have to cancel a sold-out concert because their big sound poses a danger to rare birds.

Animal rights campaigners are threatening legal action if the veteran band goes ahead with a gig planned for Wels airport in Austria in May.

Hans Uhl of BirdLife said birds nesting in the area at the time would be threatened by anthems such as Highway To Hell and You Shook Me All Night Long.

"The second biggest colony of curlews in Upper Austria and various other ground-nesting birds must not become endangered," said Uhl.

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dellfalconer said...

I'm a rock fan myself and enjoy AC/DC's music, but let's get a few facts straight:
It's not the music that threatens the rare birds but the 80,000 fans unwittingly trampling the nests, young birds and eggs that are actually laid directly on the ground where the concert is to take place in the middle of the breeding season.
BirdLife is not an animal rights group composed of activists but a wildlife conservation group composed of ornithologists. There's a big difference.
BirdLife is not requesting cancellation of the concert but postponement till after the breeding season when the young have hatched and gotten out of harm's way (or relocation of the concert).
The town of Wels, where the airport is located, neglected to inform the organizers that they need to go through a required permit procedure involving the government conservation agencies before they started selling tickets.
All this doesn't come out in the original report that all the online sources are quoting, but I live here and I know better.
More details:

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