Friday, November 20, 2009

Ozzy Osbourne Says McCartney Refused To Work With Him

Rock Radio is reporting that Beatles legend Paul McCartney once refused to work with Ozzy Osbourne, the Black Sabbath singer says – and his negative reponse was actually a positive honor.

Osbourne tells Heat magazine that he was working in the studio next door to McCartney, and took the opportunity to ask him to collaborate.

He explains: “Meeting Paul McCartney was f’kin phenomenal. I was in the studio the same time as him so I tried to get him to play bass on one of my songs.

“He came in and listened, but he said he couldn’t improve on the bass line that was already there.

“I said, ‘Are you kidding? You could piss on the record and it would make my life!’”

Osbourne is currently working on a new album, having sacked guitarist Zakk Wylde in favor of Firewind axeman Gus G. Wylde recently joked about how the dismissal came about and is concentrating on looking after his health after being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder.

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