Monday, November 23, 2009

Jimmy Page, Aerosmith's Joe Perry/Brad Whitford, Eric Clapton Involved In New Supergroup?

Led Zeppelin fan-site Lemon Squeezings is reporting that while nobody knows what's happening with Aerosmith, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford have apparently been keeping busy, and in good company too.

Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) have joined them in recording with producer Kevin Shirley, the man behind the sound of Led Zeppelin's 21st century releases, How the West Was Won, DVD and the reissue of the soundtrack to The Song Remains The Same.

Shirley says he has been recording these guitarists and "many others." He hints toward some "high profile projects" about which he's been sworn to secrecy.

"Suffice it to say," offers the father of two infants, "that life is very busy."

Writing from Malibu on his online diary today, he spoke of a "supergroup" project - his term, not mine (I don't need the derision). He said that come January he would be "producing what has the promise to be one of the most exciting 'supergroups' to come around in a long time. But theory is just that until we see how the dynamics play out in the studio between these superb musicians. And of course the songs will make the real difference."


Caveman! said...

And Michael Schumacher will drive the bus... Gordon Ramsey will cater and Spielberg will do the video!!!

It's pretty silly to read between the lines, but I guess it adds hits to the page.


Steve Sauer said...

Hello, thanks for linking back to my site as the source. Unfortunately, I think my own post was made in haste last night, but for others then to characterize this as a Page, Clapton, Perry, Whitford supergroup or even speculate on a Yardbirds reunion is truly out there. It was not my intent to stir the pot like this.

When I said Clapton and Page "joined" Perry and Whitford in recording with Kevin Shirley, I meant "joined" in the broader sense -- as in they are all his customers, the same way someone signing a petition joins the others in a cause. They're not actually, physically together. I never did say Page, Clapton, Perry and Whitford were in a room together. I did also mention Kev's other guitarists he's recorded -- would they be in the same room too? Would you have a band of 15 guitarists? How muddy would that be?

rockandrollguru said...

It's certainly fun to think about them forming a supergroup, even if it is just a dream.

Nightwatcher said...

Steve, it's an outlandish story to be sure. Much like the legendary Masked Marauders album review that Rolling Stone ran in 1969 concerning a "Supergroup" recording with Lennon, McCartney, Dylan, Jagger that people bought into back then.

It was funny then, and the idea of this happening now is amusing too. Great story though!

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