Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jon Anderson : "It's Not Respectful" For Yes To Tour Without Him

RockRadio is reporting that Jon Anderson says it's "inappropriate and not respectful to the fans" for Yes to tour without him. And despite recent health problems he was fit and able to rejoin the band for their current tour - but they'd made other plans.

The prog giants are on the road with former Yes tribute singer Benoit David in Anderson's place. The lineup also features Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White, with Rick Wakeman's son Oliver on keyboards.

But Anderson - whose serious respiratory problems forced the band to cancel their 40th anniversary tour last year - says fans who buy tickets to see Yes are expecting to hear him sing and it's misleading for the band with David to use the name.

He says: "I'd actually been ill for about five years and it got to the point where I couldn't continue. I had to take a complete break - and ended up having six operations.

"The band recruited a guy from a Canadian Yes tribute band and went on the road with him. I felt they could have waited until I'd recovered.

"I said to them I was available, but they said they were contracted to Benoit. It's a complicated situation.

"I think it's inappropriate and not respectful to the fans. People have bought tickets thinking I'm performing on the tour.

"I would like everybody to know that, as much as I wish the band well, they should not tour as Yes. The fans should be advised that I'm not part of the tour."

Yes have a line on their website statating Anderson is not on tour with them. The band have endured a stack of lineup changes since they formed in 1968, with bassist Squire the only member who's always been there. But they've enjoyed their most successful eras with Anderson at the mic. He's currently working on three albums' worth of material, including a sequel to his 1976 concept release Olias of Sunhillow, and plans to work with Wakeman again soon.


Anonymous said...

I also wish the rest of the band had waited for Jons recovery and to be honest I won't see YES without Jons amazing voice.
I'm sure most YES fans will agree !!

Rich Auerbach said...

I agree. I went to see them in NJ and had to leave the show early. It just seemed disrespectful and definetly not the same. It's all about the money I guess. Sad.

Anonymous said...

It's disrespectful to Jon and the reputation of Yes to tour with a Jon-imitator/poser. Their previous tour was labeled "Members of Yes," which is far more accurate. Nonetheless, I'm saving my money for a front-row seat at a future show with Jon on-stage. With six operations and five years of ailing, I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Despite Jon's assertion that he is "ready to tour" the truth is he hasn't fully regained his health or his voice. Just check out the various Youtube clips and live recordings floating around the Internet and judge for yourself.

Howe, Squire, and White have every right to carry on as Yes if they so desire. They did it in 1980 with Trevor Horn and Benoit David is a MUCH better singer than Horn.

Helen.remfan said...

Where does one go when one has bought and paid for tickets to see YES when lead singer Anderson and kb player Rick Wakeman are not appearing? I went to Manchester UK concert last night 22 Nov and had NO CLUE they were not appearing. Now whose fault is that? Mine for not accessing Yes web site to look at a line up?? I don't think so. YES are YES and I felt disappointed throughout the show. I would have liked to be informed and make a decision whether I still wanted to go to the expense I went to going to see this show.
That said...after a slightly nervous/shaky start Benoit did very well... but again.... the band stayed with definite crowd pleasers I think to do damage limitation. The pieces were done well and I enjoyed particularly Howe and Squires more stage presence performances.Howe has to be said to be an awesome musician. I am concerned to read about Anderson's reaction to the band continuing when he maintains he was fit enough to continue/commence the tour. Anderson is integral to the band and if fit he should have been performing and if not....well the ticket sellers should have been notifying ticket buyers and giving them a choice. I have to say that I will be wary in future about buying tickets to any Yes and prob now other people's concerts. That is NOT a good state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Helen.remfan, please do a little research before purchase. YES, it is your fault you didn't know....
I saw YES in Chicago last year in Chicago with Benoit David on vocals. Was pleasantly surprised by how well he did. Of course, it wasn't the same as having Jon Anderson behind the mic, but enjoyed the show nonetheless.
When I heard YES was coming again the FIRST thing I did was to check the lineup. Isn't that what any serious YES fan would do - given all the lineup changes in the band's 40+ year history? I've seen YES nine times and they have had a different lineup almost every time.

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