Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bill Wyman Not Keen On Rock Band

The BBC is reporting former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has expressed concern that music games like Rock Band stop young people from practicing real musical instruments.

He told the BBC: "It encourages kids not to learn, that's the trouble.

"It makes less and less people dedicated to really get down and learn an instrument. I think is a pity so I'm not really keen on that kind of stuff."

Wyman was speaking at Abbey Road studios while recording a charity Beatles song for Children in Need.

His words were echoed by Pink Floyd star Nick Mason who described music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero as "interesting new developments".

But he added: "It irritates me having watched my kids do it - if they spent as much time practicing the guitar as learning how to press the buttons they'd be damn good by now."

However later on Mason says that Pink Floyd are open to working on a Rock Band or Guitar Hero-style game in the future, stating "I think we'd consider it. I think everyone's looking at new ways of selling the music because the business of selling records has almost disappeared".

To read the entire article go to this location.

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