Friday, September 4, 2009

After Almost 30 Years In Music Industry Guitarist Robert Cray Gets First Computer

Though music has taken a digital turn, Robert Cray didn't recently get his first computer to keep up with industry trends. The Grammy-winning blues singer/guitarist is just making sure he can see his young son and wife while he's on tour.

"The band just bought me a computer, like three weeks ago," the 56-year-old said in a recent interview. "I just turned it on a few days ago, and I'm getting set up basically so I can see our 2-year-old son when I'm on the road. So I can have video conversations with him."

His family isn't the only thing he's smiling about these days. Cray and his band — including guitarist Richard Cousins, drummer Tony Braunagel and keyboardist Jim Pugh — recently released their eighteenth CD, "This Time." Cray says the disc — which fuses blues, soul and contemporary R&B — is filled with "new life and new energy."

Q : So you really just got your first computer?

Cray: They did it because they wanted to me to see my son. And I was making plans to do that, because I had watched the other guys with their computers and watched them having conversations with their families and said, "Well I'm going to do this." But they beat me to the punch.

To read more of the interview go to this location.

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