Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Religious Group Blocks Alice Cooper Concert In Finland

Our good friends at AntiMusic are reporting that shock rock legend (and long time evangelical Christian) Alice Cooper's upcoming December concert in Tampere, Finland has been cancelled, and moved to Espoo due to concerns over his shock rock image.

Tampere Arena, which was to have hosted the December 11 show, cancelled it because a perceived conflict with the venue's "Christian-based policies".

"The [Lutheran-based charismatic revivalist] group Nokia Mission and others use Tampere Arena for their events, so the venue's management did not want Alice Cooper appearing in the same hall. The contract which we received from Tampere Arena specifies that no artists may perform there who 'incite evil and the power of darkness'," promoter Kalle Keskinen told YLE. [Ironically, Cooper is a born again Christian. Then again, Lutherans are not dispensationalists like most American born again sects]

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PLOHM said...

Alice Cooper Banned in Finland? Not really!

Finland is known for it's rock and metal scene, and we have made a TV documentary feature film about the hard rocking Finns called "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" (already aired and co-produced by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE).

The Finnish main Lutheran church has heavy metal masses! The film has an interview from the heavy metal priest, a psychiatrist, a doctor of theology... and finally with Madam president of Finland, Tarja Halonen, who is proud of the great Finnish metal.

Alice has been visiting Finland since 1974! Must have performed over there, every year, since. By the way, the Finnish main church has nothing against Alice Cooper. The people behind this ban are evangelical fringe church members. Do they ever learn?

Our film includes the first -74 interview from Alice Cooper visiting Finland, Eurovision song contest winner Lordi, all the major Finnish metal stars (HIM, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica...) and many international metal celebrities (such as Dimmu Borgir Killswitch Engage, Entombed...)

Finland really is the only country in the world where metal is mainstream.
The documentary is in English, and aimed at the international mainstream audience.

Please, check out the film's trailer and website at:


Greetings from the filmmakers&metal musicians Kimmo&Tanja from UK

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