Friday, August 14, 2009

New Jersey Cop Treats Dylan Like A Complete Unknown, Detained For No I.D.

Rock legend and cultural icon Bob Dylan was treated like a complete unknown by police in New Jersey when a resident called to report someone wandering around the neighborhood.

Dylan was about a two-hour drive south of New York City in Long Branch on July 23 as part of a tour with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp that was to play at a baseball stadium.

To hear the young New Jersey police officer Kristie Buble describe it, the scene was like something out of one of Dylan's epic song-poems: It was pouring rain, Dylan was soaked and wandering alone, far from the traveling home of his entourage of tour buses.

When the 68 year old Dylan wandered into the yard of a home that had a "For Sale" sign on it, the home's occupants became spooked by his appearance and called police with a report of an "eccentric-looking old man" in their yard, Long Branch Police said. One of the occupants even went so far as to follow Dylan as he continued on down the street.

Long Branch business administrator Howard Woolley says the24-year-old police officer apparently was unaware of who Dylan is and asked him for identification.

Dylan wasn't carrying any, so police took him back to his hotel, where tour staff vouched for him. No charges were filed.

How did it feel? A Dylan publicist hasn't returned a telephone call seeking comment.

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