Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paul McCartney Plans To Live To 100, Bored With Being Known As A Beatle

Sir Paul McCartney thinks he will live to be 100.

The 67-year-old former Beatles singer is confident his vegetarian lifestyle will keep him healthy and happy for at least another 33 years.

A friend said: "Paul has a hunch he'll still be here to mark his 100th year. He leads a pretty healthy life with a strict vegetarian diet and he exercises regularly. He certainly sees 100 as a reachable target."

But if McCartney lives as long as he predicts he will, he'll need a new job after he recently revealed he is bored of being known as a Beatle.

He explained: "You get fed up being him. You're always that guy. If I was Bruce Springsteen, I might get fed up being Bruce Springsteen. I might want to be the kid I was growing up, when I didn't have that image to live up to."

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