Friday, June 19, 2009

Chickenfoot Bassist Michael Anthony - "We Fully Intend On Keeping This Thing Going"

Backstage Axxess has issued an interview with Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen). The following is an excerpt from the interview, conducted by Gus Griesinger:

Q: The new CD debuted at number 4 on the Billboard charts. Your reaction?

A: (laughs) "It’s great! It wasn’t until we were mixing this thing that I could sit back and listen to the music and the guitars and until everything was finished. I was thinking to myself, that this is a damn good album! (Gus laughs) I think it’s great that the fans and everybody likes it. I can’t wait to bring it out there on a bigger scale and tour and have everyone check it out. That’s why live we are doing all Chickenfoot stuff. We are not doing any Van Halen, Joe stuff, or Chili Pepper stuff because we want the fans and everyone to see that this is a band, Chickenfoot. Maybe somewhere down the line or the next album we will throw 1 or 2 songs in from the older stuff."

Q: So you’re saying then this project will have legs and you will be taking this to another level or is it go as it comes?

A: "Well, it’s go as it comes. Obviously, the Chili Peppers will be calling Chad back sometime in the fall to do some writing and recording for their new thing. We fully intend on keeping this thing going. It’s not just a one album one tour type of thing. We’re having so much fun and having a great time doing it that we will wait for Chad. Things will continue on and things will be written and then we will all get together again. We will continue with the Chickenfoot."

Read the full interview here.

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