Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Kinks Film In The Works

A movie on legendary UK rockers The Kinks is currently in production, however producers are seeking assistance to complete the film.

Prooducer/creator Geoff Edgers gives some background: "It was on a crisp, May morning a year ago that we began filming. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to film in New York, Los Angeles, London and to recruit so many of our favorites – Paul McCartney, Sting, Brian Wilson, Zooey Deschanel, Paul Weller, Robyn Hitchcock – to be part of the movie.

Now we need your help. So far, we’ve raised $50,000 to make this movie. We need another $15,000. In less than a year, we’ve put together a 95-minute rough cut that’s been screened by several industry people, including Supersize Me director Morgan Spurlock and Josh Braun from Submarine Entertainment (sales agent for Dig! and History Of Violence). They feel that we have a promising film that is likely to be sold to a cable network or movie distributor. We're writing to ask for help with the understanding that a. Times are tough, b. You may not want to get involved in a film when there are so many other, worthy causes.

After we make these changes, we suspect we’ll be ready to take the next step: To sell our film and move toward an actual release date either in late 2010 or early 2011."

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Anonymous said...

So why not ask Paul McDoughnut, Sting, Brian Wilson for $5000 each. all multi millionaires and times not as tough for them as for us; especially not for Paul McChicken nugget unless long john silver totally striped him up.

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