Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Black Sabbath Reunion On The Horizon?

Classic Rock Magazine is reporting that despite the imminent release of the Ronnie James Dio helmed Heaven & Hell's debut studio album 'The Devil You Know’ on April 27th, Bill Ward has been speaking out about the possibility of another reunion from the original Black Sabbath.

In a recent interview, the iconic drummer insisted that the door is very much “wide open” for a full-blown, original line up, Sabbath reunion tour.

“I have an open mind when it comes to Sabbath” says Ward, adding: “We just haven’t done anything for the last three years. But the door’s wide open as far as Black Sabbath is concerned.

“Playing, doing anything with the original band, that’s where I would like to be.”

Ward was also positive about his relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, saying: “Ozzy and I have maintained our relationship, and I’ve maintained my relationship with the other fellas pretty much all the way through. Nobody’s far from each other.

“I saw Oz on his birthday. We went to Vegas and that’s the last time I saw him. But I actually spoke to him about three or four days ago. He’s doing fantastic, he’s doing really well.”


Mr Snow said...

Not interested in the "old" Sabbath anymore... It's just isn't the same. Ozzy can't sing - and frankly, if I hear "Paranoid" one more time, I think I'm gonna hurl! If I want to hear classic Sab, I'll drop the needle down - I'm definitely not paying $75 or more to see a shell of what once was.

Now Heaven & Hell? I've seen them 3 times in the last year - the music is fresh and complex enough to allow for some adventurous jams - plus, Geezer and Tony are at the top of their game... and Ronnie can still sing! And a brand new album coming out?

Can you imagine Ozzy having the focus and self-discipline to write and record a new Sabbath album? Think not.

Alina said...

Shit, this is just absurd. The guys won't ever throw Ronnie away, especially now, and H&H is sounding a thousand times better than Ozzy fronting Sabbath.
I wish Ozzie keeps doing what he does best on his own, that's where he belongs now.
Get well soon Ronnie, we're waiting for the new tour and new album to come!

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