Saturday, March 7, 2009

Roger Daltrey Slams Animal Loving Public

Roger Daltrey has criticized the public for donating money to animal charities and not young cancer patients.
The Who legend said he was amazed that many people donate their money to help mistreated animals but ignore human plight and suffering.

He said: "It is a blot on our society when, if these teenagers had four legs and fur or feathers we would raise the money in a year.

"It's tragic and it makes me want to fight even harder."

The rocker set up the Teenage Cancer Trust foundation in 2000, which raises money for specialist care units to treat young adults battling life-threatening illnesses.

He also organizes annual benefit concerts to fund the organization.

1 comment:

eleroi said...

Sorry Roger, didn't know you had been appointed The Arrogant One Who Decides the Proper Decisions for Others. No wonder Townshend wanted to punch you so often.

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