Friday, March 27, 2009

After 60 years Ozzy Osbourne Learning To Drive

If we didn't have enough to worry about on the roads these days comes the news that after 60 years, Ozzy Osbourne is learning how to drive - just so he can get out of his madhouse.

The rock icon has set himself a task of learning to drive this year, so he can get a little quiet time. He says, "My house is like an insane asylum and I thought, 'It would be great to get in my car and drive around the block - just to be on my own.'"

But Ozzy admits he's struggling to find driving instructors who will give him lessons. He explains, "Nobody will stay in the car with me for more than three lessons; they all think I'm nuts."

His wife Sharon put her life in Ozzy's hands earlier this month when she let the rocker drive her the two hours from Los Angeles to Palm Springs.

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