Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UFO's Pete Way Taking Time Out From The Band

Classic Rock Magazine is reporting that it’s been announced that founding UFO bassist Pete Way will be taking time out from UFO while recovering from liver damage.

In a full statement, the band have said:

“For a while now, Pete has been dealing with a medical condition which affects his liver, and he’s currently undergoing treatment to cure it. The medication he’s on makes him tired and dizzy, and he feels that taking part in the recording sessions and the hectic touring schedule would be too much for him at the moment, so he’ll be taking some time out from UFO until he is match-fit.”

“But as we all know with Pete, he won’t be able to stay away from rocknroll for long - so it’s very likely that he’ll be doing a few gigs here and there with Waysted.”

“We all wish him the very best and hope for a swift and full recovery.”

“We love ya Pete! Get well soon man.”

UFO also confirmed that they are currently recording their new album in Germany for an expected release in late 2009 and are also booking tour and festival dates as we speak.

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thatsit said...

It's sad that Pete is ill. But considering all the ups and downs he's had with his life and band memebers, I see why he is not well. Hopefully he is getting the support he needs from his so called friends. Get well Pete! I won't be buying a UFO ticket or CD unless you are there, Pete!

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