Friday, February 20, 2009

Man Claims Author Stephen King Killed John Lennon

Pollstar is reporting : It happened Dec. 8, 1980 in New York City in front of witnesses, including Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono. But that didn’t stop a conspiracy theorist from approaching the Sarasota City Commission claiming author Stephen King pulled the trigger.

Steven Lightfoot has been preaching the conspiracy gospel about Lennon’s murder almost as long as the former Beatle has been deceased. Through fliers, pamphlets, public speeches and now a Web site, Lightfoot thinks he’s solved the “crime of the century” (his words).

Throughout the years Lightfoot has claimed he has evidence King shot Lennon. However, most of Lightfoot’s conspiracy theory seems to be centered on an idea that Lennon’s real assassin, Mark David Chapman, kind of resembled King around the time of the shooting.

Make no mistake about this. Lightfoot has been spreading his balderdash accusing King of shooting Lennon for a very long time. In fact, many California residents have seen and/or heard Lightfoot at one time or another, often in public places, free speech areas, giving out pamphlets on beach boardwalks or calling radio talk shows promoting his Stephen King / John Lennon theory. Heck, even one of our news reports has one of his tracts.

But California isn’t Lightfoot’s only stomping ground. He recently turned up in Florida where he tried to speak to the Sarasota City Commission. The topic? Stephen King shot John Lennon, natch.

Why Florida? Evidently King has a winter home there.

Lightfoot approached the Sarasota City Commission when the governing body asked for any items not on that night’s agenda. Lightfoot immediately started talking about his King theory.

It goes without saying that commission members were surprised. After all, they open up the meeting to allow non-scheduled topics, and up walks this guy with a sign promoting a Web site called

And then he delivers his message, telling the commission, “Stephen King is scaring away all the celebrity cachet you could have.”

Well, it didn’t take long before the council had a uniformed guard eject Lightfoot, as shown in the video below. But even though the Sarasota City Council tossed him out on the street, we’re sure Lightfoot is continuing his crusade to connect Stephen King to John Lennon’s death.

Which is a waste of time. After all, everybody knows who really shot John Lennon. And it wasn’t Stephen King.

It was Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown. It all makes sense once you connect the dots that aren’t there.

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