Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boston's Tom Scholz Has More Than A Feeling About Fan Sites

According to Boston.com, no good deed goes unpunished at least in the world of Tom Scholz.

Just ask George Gouldsmith. The LA-based IT manager has been a big fan of the band Boston since 'More Than A Feeling' ruled the radio in the '70s. In 2005, Gouldsmith started a Yahoo message board called Boston Rocks, but he bagged it last year after the site's members began squabbling and Boston mastermind Tom Scholz took exception to some of the posts.

So Gouldsmith created another Boston fan board called CoolTheEngines. But before long, the members were at it again, badmouthing Scholz for his treatment of late singer Brad Delp and other former band members. The result? Scholz and wife Kim enlisted Burns & Levinson attorney Lawrence Green to send Gouldsmith a cease and desist letter. "You have caused a multitude of defamatory statements to be published about the Scholzes on your website. . . . These statements have all been made falsely and maliciously and otherwise with reckless disregard to the truth," wrote Green, who added that he'd seek "substantial monetary damages" unless all references to Scholz and his wife were removed from Gouldsmith's site.

One would think Mr. Scholz would be pleased any fans are still left to squabble about the band after all this time.


Dhani Shattuck said...

Let's get Nightwatcher in trouble. ;)

Tom Scholz is a jerk. He treated his former bandmates poorly and has never been kind to his fans. "Boston" exists in name only even if Tom WAS "Boston" in many ways. Whatever was in Tom to create harmony is gone now.

But Nightwatcher is great - I'm a fan.

Bob Loza said...

No need to go into the history - Boston was my rock savior in 1979. I am no cult member, however. It is obvious that the esteemed Mr. Scholz is a jerk, and a self-possessed diva. As the years go on, I find myself more and more determined to let the truth be known. All the "save the animals" links in the world won't save his narcissistic reputation.

As I said, this is from a (former) true fan. God bless Barry Goudreau and the spirit of Brad Delp.

Additional comment: a very telling fact is that there is no way to "contact" Tom on the Official Boston website. I will not dis' the musicians who play on this monumental band's tours, but let's not kiss the feet of this ego-centric "genius" either. He quashed Barry Goudreau's solo career, and there is no excuse in the world for that.

Anonymous said...

Tom Scholz has spent more time on lawsuits than making music. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

it is well known that Boston disappeared in 1980's when Scholz fired everyone. He says it was all Him . Wonder why th sound and the music was never the same after Dont Look Back! Maybe it was a curse or maybe the other members had some misterious participation . By the way Corporate America was a disgrace. What a fucked up album. I think Scholz doesnt know how he made those first albums.

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