Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Throwing Down The Sword: Martin Turner On Wishbone Ash Reunion :"Andy Powell Can F*ck Off!"

Looks like there's a feud a brewing in Wishbone Ash land. And apparently, one shouldn't hold ones breath waiting for a reunion of the original band any time soon.

Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine, bassist Martin Turner, whose own version of Wishbone Ash (Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash) will be touring throughout 2009, was asked if there was any chance of marking the band’s 40th anniversary this year with a special show with his former bandmates.

“Oh God, this is messy,” said Turner. “We had a brilliant offer to put the band back together, so long as there were three original members. Ted Turner [guitar], Steve Upton [drums] and myself approached Andy [Powell]. A year later he was still stalling. Now he’s announced a 40th anniversary gig at Shepherd's Bush [on May 16] and wants the three of us to join him on stage to perform ­ guess what? ­ The whole of Argus.”

“Wow, what a great idea,” said Turner, whose own version of Wishbone Ash has already re-recorded and released the seminal album. “Andy Powell can fuck off. We won’t be his support band.”

Here's the original Wishbone Ash in happier times, live on The Old Grey Whistle Test 1971 :


Iñaki said...

Martin, you are the best !!

Fortune said...

Martin Turner's outburst seems out of character but probably is a frustrated response to AP's invite to him and the other original guys (without prior consultation) which appears derisory. If Martin Turner, Steve Upton and Ted Turner really have had a major offer to reform but want Andy on board, why is AP reluctant ?

Come on - Go for it!

advancediamsolutions said...

Let me clear up any "confusion."

Wishbone Ash is the name of the band that was been in existance for 40 years. It has had some personal changes, but Andy Powell, and his signature flying V guitar have never left. Wishbone Ash is dynamic band, which continues to record and perform new music. Wishbone Ash also plays a variety of songs live that cover the entire history of the band. The songs that they play live, sound better than ever.

Martin Turner's Band has been in existance about 5 years. Led by former member Martin Turner, this band only performs songs that were recorded during Turner's tenure with the band, which was about 15 years. They have not released any new music. Courtesy of STW

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