Friday, January 23, 2009

Nightwatcher's House Of Rock's Top 10 Albums Of 2008 : #3 Joe Bonamassa Live From Nowhere In Particular

Joe Bonamassa - Live From Nowhere In Particular - The double live album has grown out of favor since its 70's heyday, but don't tell that to "New King Of The Blues" Bonamassa, who has released a neat encapsulation of his exemplary career so far, thus freeing him to make the next big stride, as was the case back then when releasing one of these signified a stylistic change, or moving to the next level creatively speaking. Some of the finest guitar work heard all year, it's a testament to his prodigious abilities as not only a guitarist, but as a songwriter and vocalist that it flows together seamlessly.

Just as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Peter Green and Johnny Winter in the late 60's, Alvin Lee, Jimmy Page and Rory Gallagher in the 70's and Stevie Ray Vaughan in the 80's were the cream of the crop in terms of blues rock guitarists, such is Bonamassa today. Once again, witness a legend in the making. If you've never experienced the power, fury and grace that is this amazing musician this is an excellent way to start. There's an old adage which says a live recording is great if it makes you wish you were there...with "Live From Nowhere In Particular" even if you were there, you'll wish you were again.

With a brand new album, 'The Ballad Of John Henry' due next month, and a historic show scheduled in May at London's historic Royal Albert Hall, 2009 may very well be the breakthrough year for this guitarist into the mainstream, one which has been well earned through tireless touring and remarkable consistency. If you've never heard Bonamassa before, this would be a fine place to start.


Joanie said...

I'm disagreeing with you here, my friend. I just can't get behind LFNIP because they mixed the heart right out of the music. And it's really not representative of how powerful some of these songs are in person. Will the album bring in new fans? Yeah. Did it knock the socks off of old fans? Not so much. Maybe we know all too well what Joe's capable of, but this was a rather hollow presentation of an artist who is far more dynamic than what we've been given here.

Again, while I know we're both fans, I can't get behind this album at all.

Bill said...

Sorry to disagree with you here, but I have been to numerous shows and have seen virtually all of these songs performed live. Granted, there has been some filtering of crowd noise (a good thing, IMO), but what I hear seems pretty true to the live performances that I've seen.
I am an "old fan", and it sure knocked my socks off.

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