Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keyboardist Jon Lord : No Purple Reunion Without Ian Paice

Former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord has spoken out about the rumors that Deep Purple Mk III could be set for a reunion.

Speaking on his own website, Jon Lord has said it was all “hot air and wild speculations” and that he couldn’t imagine a Deep Purple experience without the presence of drummer Ian Paice.

Lord’s statement comes in the wake of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich’s recent comments that he would offer his services to Purple for a one-off show.

Lord said on his web site :

"It all seems like a lot of hot air and wild speculation to me.

I like Lars and what he has achieved with Metallica. He’s obviously always been very complementary in his comments about DP, and I love the story of his famous nine-years-old 'baptism of fire' at our ‘73 concert in The KB Halle in Copenhagen, but if I was asked to be involved in a Mark III reunion - (which, by the way, I haven’t. All I ever said was that the idea had a few good points and a few not-so-good points.) - and I indeed considered that offer, I would not be able to even imagine it without the presence of Ian Paice.

By the way - I have NOT retired!

Love, and as peaceful a new year as possible, to all of you."

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