Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Time For Nightwatcher's House Of Rock's Top 10 Albums Of 2008! #10 Mad Shadow - Self Titled

This is a little late in comparison to other sites, who already had their picks for the best albums of 2008 up by the end of the year in most cases, but better late than never. So, over the course of the next 10 days, I will present my picks for the Top 10 albums of the year.

It was a particularly good year musically speaking, if you get away from the mainstream, and there are many bands who had releases which probably could be on this list, but aren't. Narrowing it down wasn't easy, and perhaps I omitted some which should be. But without further ado, let's begin this by presenting #10 :

Mad Shadow - Mad Shadow - From the Pacific Canadian coastal city of Vancouver came this one out of the blue to leap frog into the top. None of the members of this band are even legal to have a drink here in the States, but it didn't stop them from soaking up the influences of 60's and 70's legends ala Led Zeppelin, Cream and The Doors and bringing them forward with a liberal dash of Soundgarden added to the mix.

Classic blues rock at times not too dissimilar to what rising Irish band The Answer are doing, and featuring all original songs written by at the time 15 year old guitar god in training Danny Sveinson, if it weren't for the semi rough production on the title track, this one would have certainly ranked in the Top 5 at least. As it is, it still stands head and shoulders with the best of the year, and with a band this young, if they don't implode, stand a very strong chance of hitting it big within the next several years. Grab this one and be way ahead of the curve.

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hendrix said...

Actually this was a collaberation of all band members. Erik is the lyricist for most songs. The entire band works closely together on all songs.

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