Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guitarist Gary Moore Loses German Plagiarism Case

A German court has ordered former Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore to pay damages after ruling the guitar solo in his 1990 hit "Still Got the Blues" had been plagiarized from a German song written in 1974.

A court in the southern city of Munich said on Wednesday the solo in Moore's song was too similar to the one in "Nordrach" by the band Jud's Gallery not to have been copied -- even though the German song was not available on record at the time.

In a statement, the court ordered Moore, 56, from Northern Ireland, and his record label to pay damages to band leader Juergen Winter who brought the case. The amount has yet to be fixed.

Moore had denied knowing the song, which the court said could only have been heard live or on radio at the time.

The court said it had no evidence the solo had been lifted deliberately, but that this was immaterial in copyright infringement.

Moore can appeal against the decision.

"Still Got the Blues" was the title track on Moore's album of the same name, one of the guitarist's most successful records. According to online chart database the single reached 31 in the British singles charts in May 1990.

Moore played with Thin Lizzy for a few months in 1974 and again in 1978-79 before leaving the Irish band to start a solo career.

So let me get this straight. Gary took the solo from some unrecorded song from 1974 I can't even pronounce? Then he waited 16 years for the right opportunity to use the solo, as he couldn't come up with one on his own? Please. C'mon, we all know he lifted it from his own"Parisienne Walkways". If anything, Gary should be suing himself.


TaylorC said...

I have long owned a copy of Moore's original of "Parisienne Walkways" and noticed the similarity of the guitar solo in "Still Got THe Blues" when it was released.
Its basic theme is not so unusual as to be unique - similar could have been played by other musicians.
I followed a Rock music a lot in the 1970s and do not remember hearing or reading of Jud's Gallery or "Nordrach".
Has anyone reading this heard "Nordrach" ?

TaylorC said...

Hmm, seems I type badly ...
"followed a Rock music" indeed !
Should be "followed Rock music" ...
see what happens to old rockers - be warned !!

Anthony Kong said...

I think the German court just try to protect the GERMANs only.

That's really disappointing me to hear such kinds of news.... unrecorded song~that's something published in 70s? OMG! comeon! That's totally bullshit!

>Gary took the solo from some unrecorded song from 1974 I can't even pronounce?

Totally agree with you! Nightwatcher! That's just a "unpronouncable" band!

If they got the point.... why they don't they just sue Gary in 90s instead of 2008!?
They need money due to bad economy or lost in stock market??!! huh!?


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