Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Despite Worldwide Recession, Pearl Jam To Release 4 Remastered Versions of 'Ten' To Bilk Fans Out Of Little Cash They Have Left

Despite the fact that many fans may be economically distressed right now due to the worldwide economic meltdown, Pearl Jam are to release not one, but four different Special Editions of their 1991 debut album 'Ten' next March.The remastered album reissue will be accompanied by a remix version created by Pearl Jam longtime producer Brendan O'Brien.The four different packages will feature varying bonus material, including extra tracks: ‘Brother’, ‘Just a Girl’, ‘State of Love and Trust’, ‘Breath and a Scream’, ‘2,000 Mile Blues’ and ‘Evil Little Goat’.

Other extras include a DVD of the band's MTV Unplugged performance, recorded in 1992, a live LP of from their ‘Drop in the Park’ concert, and a replica Eddie Vedder composition notebook.

Commenting on the remixed version of the 12 million selling album, O'Brien says: “The band loved the original mix of ‘Ten’, but were also interested in what it would sound like if I were to deconstruct and remix it. The original ‘Ten’ sound is what millions of people bought, dug and loved, so I was initially hesitant to mess around with that. After years of persistent nudging from the band, I was able to wrap my head around the idea of offering it as a companion piece to the original – giving a fresh take on it, a more direct sound.”Pearl Jam's Ten Club are offering pre-orders of the reissue from today (December 10). Physical copies will be available to buy from March 23, 2009.

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