Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The BBC Pulls Paul McCartney's 'Michael Jackson Impersonation' In New Interview

The UK's Daily Telegraph has reported that the BBC has pulled an interview with Sir Paul McCartney in which the former Beatle did a "trans-racial impression" of Michael Jackson, it has been claimed.

Sir Paul is said to have talked in a high-pitched Jackson-style voice when asked about the singer, which BBC managers decided could prove offensive.

A Corporation source told the Daily Mail: "McCartney started to reply in this high-pitched Jacko voice, and apparently it was very funny. But the BBC - deeply nervous, perhaps because of the Jonathan Ross-Russell Brand affair - has declined to broadcast the interview."

Explaining the reasoning as to why the impression could possibly be deemed offensive or unsuitable for broadcast, the source continued: "They say it's a 'trans-racial impression' - that's what they say in a memo - and even by Macca that is beyond the pale."

Sir Paul and Jackson used to be friends, but fell out when Jackson outbid the Liverpudlian for the rights to most of the Beatles' back catalog. Jackson bought the rights for £33 million ($48m).

The purchase soured their friendship.

Sir Paul later said: "You know what doesn't feel very good, is going on tour and paying to sing all my songs. Every time I sing Hey Jude, I've got to pay someone."

It would be nice if someone would pull Michael Jackson for doing a "trans-racial impression" of a human being.

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