Friday, November 28, 2008

Band You Should Know : Canada's Hard Rockin' Mad Shadow

Self described as "a throwback to the raunchy guitar rock of 70s bands such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith or Deep Purple", Vancouver, B.C.'s Mad Shadow combines the best of that era, namely rock god worthy vocals, memorable songwriting and well placed guitar riffs and solos which will bring one back to the time when hard rock was king.

When you consider the fact that none of the members of this extremely talented quartet are even yet old enough to legally drink here in the U.S., let alone born when their obvious heroes were in their heyday, it makes the sounds laid down on their self titled debut even more amazing.

Featuring at the time the recordings were made 14 year old guitar phenom Danny Sveinson, the subject of the feature length documentary 'Rock & Roll Kid,' which recently was aired numerous times on the A&E TV network, the music made would be the envy of much more seasoned bands, let alone one whom had only been together approximately a year when the album was recorded.

All members shine throughout, whether it be the Robert Plant/Chris Cornell worthy wail of vocalist Erik Olufson, the guitar god in the making riffs and solos from Sveinson, the steady pounding thump of bassist Tyler Lindgrin or the John Bonham influenced drumming courtesy of Josh McDonald, all show considerable grace and immense talent in their contributions.

If you crave the sounds of a bygone era fueled with the drive and enthusiasm of youth, this is a band which will satisfy those cravings and then some. Come take a trip with one of the brightest hopes of the new rock revolution and experience Mad Shadow.

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