Monday, October 27, 2008

Homeless Man Earns $4,000 For Finding Sir Paul McCartney's Head

According to NME, homeless man Anthony Silva has claimed a $4,000 reward after finding the waxwork head of Sir Paul McCartney in a bin at Reading, England train station.

The rendition of the former Beatles man's head was left on a train last Thursday (October 16) by Joby Carter, who had been transporting it to be auctioned.

Silva told the Daily Star that when he found the head in the bin he initially thought it was a Halloween mask--but after realizing what he had found claimed the $4,000 reward from Carter.

"It's just what I need and I hope my luck has changed for the better," Silva said.

Carter, meanwhile, said he hoped to make his $4,000 back and then some more when the head is auctioned. "I'll be gutted if it only goes for peanuts now," he said. "With the interest we've had I'm confident it may go for more than $20,000."

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