Friday, September 12, 2008

McCartney, Ono Furious Over Lennon Gay Claims

According to a new book, musician John Lennon once sought a sexual relationship with Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney.

"Bohemians should try everything," the book quotes Lennon as saying in the unsuccessful bid.

McCartney and Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, are reportedly outraged by the claim, and Ono has withdrawn her endorsement of the book, Philip Norman's John Lennon: In the Life.

" would have been a lot more believable if [McCartney's former wife] Heather Mills had been on the scene in the sixties," quipped Holy Moly!. "She's enough to turn anyone gay."

The book also alleges that Lennon fantasized about sleeping with his own mother. The claim that Lennon fantasized about his mother stems from an audio recording supposedly recorded a year before his death, according to The Sun . On the recording, a voice alleged to be Lennon details an incident in which he thought about having a sexual encounter with his mother. “I always think that I should have done it,” Lennon allegedly says on the tape. “Presuming she would have allowed it.”


John Sposato said...

I read something in a book and tabloid, but that can't be true.

Banana said...

i'm sure that paul wasn't too happy about that, but yoko can't complain about it- she TOLD the biographer that she worried that john had tried to have an affair with paul because of an audio tape from apple that she heard that was john saying "paul... paul... PAULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" or something. i think she was momentarily forgetting that UM, JOHN WAS A JOKER!!!

ReadTeaPeace said...

This is ridiculous! If Yoko sues the author (which I wouldn't be surprised at), I will be behind her all the way. Even though it's true that John Lennon "gay" rumors have been going around for decades, nobody, except for those who don't know John at all, believe it's actually true. This is pure and total garbage.

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