Sunday, June 8, 2008

UFO's Vinnie Moore Talks About Pete Way's Absence In New Interview

In a brand new interview conducted by Mark Skaar of KLKK FM Classic Rock 103.7 "The Fox" in Mason City, Iowa , published on Skarr's MySpace page, UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore spoke of founding bassist Pete Way's absence on the legendary band's current U.S. tour. During the exclusive interview Moore also discussed the possibilities of a new UFO studio album, the challenges encountered having to learn guitar parts originated by ex members Michael Schenker and Paul "Tonka" Chapman, and how things are working out with bassist Rob DeLuca, who's filling in for the aforementioned Way. A short excerpt from the exclusive interview follows below :

M.S.: The question everybody's probably tired of answering is...
Where's Pete? Of course, he's not on this tour...

V.M.: We thought he was finally gonna make it into the U.S. this time he basically got denied with his visa again. I don't really know exactly why and I'm not sure that I'm hearing all the information or not but apparently there's a history and some prior baggage from the U.S., overstaying his visa when he lived here and maybe something else that I don't know about but it's gotten so much more strict since 9/11 and they are just not approving the guy.

M.S.: So now you have deputized Rob DeLuca (from Sebastian Bach's band) for bass duties on this tour. How did you hook up with him?

V.M.: I had known about him through a few different sources. One was my friend Bumblefoot from Guns N Roses and I had heard all the right things about him. That he was a great guy and a great player and it turns out he's a UFO fan and had seen them when he was younger and he just seemed like the right fit. Now that we've rehearsed and done a gig with him, we know for sure that it is. He's a great guy. A great player and it's just really good playing with him.
He's a good singer too.

M.S.: But he probably doesn't dress like Pete does he?

No! It's funny, last night he wore a pair of black pants with some pin stripes down there as a joke, just a little nod to Pete Way. I don't think anybody in their right mind would go the full distance and wear the striped trousers that Pete wears! (Laughs)

To read the entire interview go to this location :

Vinnie Moore Interview

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