Sunday, March 2, 2008

Van Halen Tour Canceled! EVH Having "Issues"

Apparently, according to TMZ, the current Van Halen tour has been canceled.

From the web site :

"Sources tell TMZ the Van Halen tour has just been canceled!

We're told arrangements are being made right now to cancel hotel stays for the tour -- which was scheduled to continue through April 19th. Sources tell us the reason for the cancellation is Eddie -- that he is having "issues."

The last three shows had already been canceled. There have been reports that Eddie was out of it during concerts -- and video of recent performances in which his guitar playing was atrocious.

Reps could not be reached for comment."

Well, if this is true, I'm surprised it lasted this long. Is Edward back on the bottle again? I'd say he has much more than just "issues". He's got a whole damn subscription. So much for another studio album with David Lee Roth.

UPDATE : This has also been confirmed by our good friend Andrew's site
I highly recommend if you're into melodic rock to check out this site, as it's truly one of the best on the 'net.

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