Wednesday, March 5, 2008

UFO Bassist To Sit Out US Tour Due To Visa Issues

Well, once again it appears that founding UFO bassist Pete Way will have to sit out the band's upcoming U.S. tour due to his application for a work visa being declined. So, apparently it's easier for a suspected terrorist to get into this country than the bassist for a rock band? Unreal. C'mon, the only damage Mr. Way is likely to do is perhaps to the liquor stock.

Here's the official statement from UFO :

"The US Embassy in London has turned down Pete's (Way) application for a working visa - even though the respective authorities in the US homeland had already approved it. The US Embassy did not say why they turned down the application. We will now start to make arrangements for a bass player to stand in for Pete on the USA tour dates, and will let you know shortly who this will be."

For more information and to be kept up to date, go to the official UFO site

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