Friday, February 22, 2008

Southern Rock From The Orient? Bluestone Company Will Make You A Believer

Bluestone Co.
Bluestone Co.
Big Stone/Hip Land

Review by Nightwatcher

Think that the Southern U.S. has the market on great dixie fried rock bands? Well think again as the debut release from Osaka rockers Bluestone Co (Formerly The Savoy Truffle). shows conclusively that these Japanese musicians can play with the best of the best. Joined by Texas blues guitarist extraordinaire Chris Duarte on guitar and vocals, this is a treat for classic rock fans.

Although consisting of only 7 tracks, when you're talking about extended jamming, one thing you won't get are simple three minute pop songs here. There's plenty of time to get a groove going, and if Toshihiro Sumitomo were born in the U.S. and had an easier name to pronounce, no doubt he'd be a household name amongst blues rock guitar fans. Blending together with Duarte to give an Allman Brothers type feel, reinforced by the backing of two drummers, this is an album which shows that even far away from where it began, the influence of the sounds of the south has spread long since the heyday of the genre back in the 70's.

Featuring excellent guitar work and rocking hard rhythms, this is an album which will fit in well in the collections of those who grew up with The Allmans, Molly Hatchet and Skynyrd all the way to the heavier sounds of such modern day purveyors such as Gov't Mule. Grab this one without reservations, as the playing is hot and faithful to the blueprint set over 30 years ago. Definitely recommended. 8/10

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