Sunday, February 24, 2008

Maxim Magazine Reviews New Black Crowes, Admits Never Hearing It

This quite disturbing story comes courtesy of our friends at

Apparently that great bastion of great music journalism, Maxim Magazine, took it upon themselves to review the upcoming Black Crowes album 'Warpaint' WITHOUT having heard the album first!

When busted, as advance review copies were as of then not made available for the release, Maxim not only admitted it, but defended their actions as providing an "educated guess preview". Not only that, they gave it only 2 and a half stars. Now, whether or not the new Crowes is a mediocre release or not certainly will depend on your point of view, but to blatantly LIE about something you haven't heard or seen is simply inexcusable. So, remember you bands/artists who might be considering sending in a promo to the magazine-DON'T WORRY about it, they've already written it!

To read the entire story go to this location :

Maxim Black Crowes Review Fraud

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