Monday, March 1, 2010

Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes "Supergroup" No Longer Has A Name

The Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian project is currently without a name. Forget everything you may have read about the Bonamassa supergroup being called Black Country. Another band by than name is objecting to them using it.

“There is a band already called Black Country and their legal representatives have already reminded us of that fact,” Joe tells

The group is working through negotiations to see if they can acquire the name so right now they are nameless. Bonamassa tells Undercover that the name was never have meant to have been made public when it was. “It jumped out of the gun. It got leaked inadvertently and it has spread like wildfire,” he tells Undercover. “It wasn’t anybody’s fault, it just got leaked. Somebody overheard a conversation. The definition of overhearing a conversation is putting it online and acting if its fact”.

It will definitely not be a Joe Bonamassa record. “It is a rock record,” he explains. “I play through Marshall amps and I may grow my hair down to my ankles and wear leather pants but that's up to negotiation. Until we have a finished album it is hard to comment how it will turn out. The five tracks we have done sound great but we need to put a further five or six down of that quality before we have something”.

“We will finish this thing in March and we’ll have a united, clear-cut name. It is still a work in progress.”

It also hasn’t been decided if this band will go on the road. “Touring is based on demand. We will wait until the record comes out and see how everyone likes it,” he says. “I think the album is going to be good and I am really excited about it. Working with those guys is a thrill. Everybody is a strong personality”.

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